Friday, January 8, 2010

A day at the George Inn

It was a beautiful Saturday in November, the sun was shining and I was getting ready to take a trip out east. My destination was the George Inn, a bed and breakfast in East Quogue. The reason for taking this little trip was not to stay at the inn, but to attend an estate sale being held there. It was being run by Nationwide Estate Sales a company that is becoming very familiar. I have attended many other sales held by this company which have always left me with a good feeling even when I don’t make any purchases. However, this was shaping up to be a new experience. I have never been to a sale that was being held at a bed and breakfast. I being somewhat interested in bed and breakfasts wanted to go just to see how it was laid out, and what the theme was. Well, the George Inn did not disappoint. It was a beautiful place, the furniture was all amazing. There was a lot of reproduction styles but that didn’t matter to me, I still liked it. Don’t get me wrong I love antiques and the inherent history that comes with them whether known or unknown. There were great examples here that would make almost anyone happy. I did not happen to buy anything on this occasion but had a great time anyway. I am always up for a good time, and judging by the crowd and the general atmosphere of the sale, just about everyone had one. I look forward to the next sale being held by Nationwide Estate Sales and am sure if I wasn’t already doing something that weekend I will be now.

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