Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring is here!

So it is finally starting to warm up.  We are beginning to thaw and with the change of the season comes the reemergence of estate and tag sales.  People start to shake off the cold and start looking for hot deals on all kinds of products.  We see the dealers who to their credit still hit those few winter sales and are bright eyed and waiting for the doors to open hours before the sale starts.  Then we start to have the true collector showing up looking for those lost gems that may put their collection over the top.  You get your young couples who may be just starting out and looking for some vintage (used) furniture to keep within there budget.  There is also the groups who are out looking for items for there church, and or people looking for items to send back to their families who may still reside in other countries.  All in all I guess what I’m saying is there is just about something for all demographics.  Usally at very reasonable prices and who knows maybe you can find that diamond in the ruff that could turn in to a great story of your own.  To share with the next generation and inspire their imagination.

One person’s trash!

There is a fine line when it comes to trash or garbage.  Now probably more than ever people are using, re-purposing and even recycling more things that would have just been thrown out a few years back.  There are so many things that I have seen sell that even I would have thrown out.  It could be that old beat up chair in the corner, those old black and white photos (landscape)  no one wants or a varied of other things.  I’ve had people buy old magazine’s and or newspapers (based on subject) and then others buy used cleaning product’s.  We had a sale where someone purchased a piece of aluminum siding and 2 gutter leaders out of the garage I guess to use on their own house or maybe to scrap.  The point is, if you are thinking about having a sale before you just start throwing things out think about if it can still be used.  Chances are if the answer is yes and the price is right you may just sell it.  In the end if you don’t sell it you were going to throw it out anyway so you might as well try to sell it.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Why choose Nationwide Estate Sales vs. Just a junk removal company to do you Estate Clean out?

Last year we were given the assignment of a large estate owned by a hoarder. We wound up billing the estate over $8,500 to remove 30+ tons of stuff from the clients house to get it ready to be sold. During the clean-out we obtained  over $5,000 of sell-able items which we later sold at one of our Estate Sales, We also found over $5,000 in gold jewelry, $1,000 in cash, a large vintage collection of Lionel Trains witch we later sold for the client for over $10,000. While our client could have paid a clean-out crew that only specializes in junk removal substantially less than our fee, who knows what would have happened to the other things that we are trained to identify. I would say in someones pocket and the other items in the garbage dump or they would have resold and kept all the profit.  If you are looking for a clean out company in the New York Tri State area and don't know if you should just throw it all away think twice and high the real pros that know what is junk and what is a treasure.

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