Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring is here!

So it is finally starting to warm up.  We are beginning to thaw and with the change of the season comes the reemergence of estate and tag sales.  People start to shake off the cold and start looking for hot deals on all kinds of products.  We see the dealers who to their credit still hit those few winter sales and are bright eyed and waiting for the doors to open hours before the sale starts.  Then we start to have the true collector showing up looking for those lost gems that may put their collection over the top.  You get your young couples who may be just starting out and looking for some vintage (used) furniture to keep within there budget.  There is also the groups who are out looking for items for there church, and or people looking for items to send back to their families who may still reside in other countries.  All in all I guess what I’m saying is there is just about something for all demographics.  Usally at very reasonable prices and who knows maybe you can find that diamond in the ruff that could turn in to a great story of your own.  To share with the next generation and inspire their imagination.

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  1. Great Post we are supper excited to kick out the Spring and Summer season. Hope to see everyone soon!