Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Sent in by one of our happy Customers

Well it’s Friday and I had the day off so I was going to do something but didn’t know exactly what that was going to be. I needed to run some errands but after that the day was open. It was a really nice day, so I wanted to be outside, I checked the internet to see if there was anything going on locally. There wasn’t so I decided to check a couple of my favs, one of which was a company that does estate and tag sales. I found out they had a sale starting at eleven in a town called Water Mill. I thought great, now where the heck is Watermill? Another few clicks and I had directions, Nationwide Estate Sales website is really very helpful. With directions in hand I was on my way. It took a little while to reach my destination, but when I arrived I had a good feeling. There were already a few people on line waiting to get in, this made me think there must be some good things inside. It was eleven and the crowd rushed in, I had been to a sale prior to this and looked for Marilyn or Jim to see if I could be directed in the right direction. I found Jim and asked him if they had any of the beer glasses or other items I collect he took me down in the basement. I could not believe how many items were in the basement, it looked like a store. Mostly everything was displayed on tables and the lighting was ok. I have been to some sales run by other companies and when I say if you don’t have a flashlight don’t bother I mean it. This sale was very professionally run and I found a few glasses that I bought to add to my collection. So aside from not knowing where Water Mill was I would say it was a good day. I will continue to go to Nationwide Estate Sales when my schedule permits me too.

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