Monday, January 21, 2013

Why choose Nationwide Estate Sales vs. Just a junk removal company to do you Estate Clean out?

Last year we were given the assignment of a large estate owned by a hoarder. We wound up billing the estate over $8,500 to remove 30+ tons of stuff from the clients house to get it ready to be sold. During the clean-out we obtained  over $5,000 of sell-able items which we later sold at one of our Estate Sales, We also found over $5,000 in gold jewelry, $1,000 in cash, a large vintage collection of Lionel Trains witch we later sold for the client for over $10,000. While our client could have paid a clean-out crew that only specializes in junk removal substantially less than our fee, who knows what would have happened to the other things that we are trained to identify. I would say in someones pocket and the other items in the garbage dump or they would have resold and kept all the profit.  If you are looking for a clean out company in the New York Tri State area and don't know if you should just throw it all away think twice and high the real pros that know what is junk and what is a treasure.

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  1. Hiring estate sales company offering professional residential liquidation services may be the best option.

  2. I believe classifying items as something to throw or something to keep depends on the owner himself. What I mean is there are times that even those things that are of no use are still kept for some reasons. estate sales

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