Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why use an Estate Services Agent?

There are many reasons why the contents of a household need to be sold. In many cases, an estate or Tag sale is necessary because a loved one is moving to an assisted or independent living home or a death in the family. Regardless of the situation it’s usually a stressful and painful time.

Performing a successful estate and or tag sale requires a huge commitment of time, effort and knowledge. The countless details that go into conducting a sale can take lots of time and planning. In many cases, there are several family members to consider, each with their own needs and desires. Most have jobs and families of their own to take care of and find it hard to assist other family members in the process of liquidating a love ones estate. Oftentimes, those needs conflict and it can really help to have the reassurance and advice of a professional.

Even as professional estate agents who are already knowledgeable about demand and pricing and are completely devoted to the task, we like to have a full two weeks to thoroughly prepare an estate for a sale and prepare advertising. One week is usually the absolute minimum for a smaller sale. For most of us, there is simply not enough time to add such a time-consuming and complex task to our already full plates.

Professionally administered estate sales consistently generate more revenue and liquidate a larger quantity of items. If the customer sees a professionally administered sale in which all the items have been cleaned, tastefully displayed and priced, they are much more likely to not only purchase more and pay higher prices but also return on the subsequent day. It takes years in the business of secondary sales to become well acquainted with what is marketable and what to charge for it. Because of our extensive experience, we will have much greater success at maximizing the full value of your estate. In essence, we more than pay for ourselves by using our expertise to make the most of your estate.

We provide all of the resources needed to create a pleasing and sensible design. We also take extra time to ensure that all your items are displayed to maximize their appeal. Some of our equipment includes covered tables, professional jewelry displays, professional lighting, and locking showcases.

In addition to selling your items through an estate sale, we also have a large base of collectors and antique dealers to whom we regularly sell, and we can also offer items for sale in our ebay store. Through those venues, we are able to obtain much higher prices for your antique and collectible items, and even some of your high-ticket household items, tools and equipment.

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